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What our community needs for World Down Syndrome Day

In my awesome and snarky online group for parents and family members caring for their loved ones with Down Syndrome, we decided to protest the macabre parade of disability porn that gets sent to us each year around this day, March 21, 2021, and also the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER.  I'm certainly learning more about abilism myself but the disability porn (I'm totally guilty of this in past years and I'm learning more so trying to do better) gets a bit much when it's all magic and bubbles when we're in the thick of having our folks deemed equal as humans, worthy of mistakes, mess, and adequate health care.

I'm thinking instead of blasting balloons and rainbows (I FREAKING LOVE RAINBOWS AND BALLOONS), I wanted to say more about what I need for my daughter, who is learning to write and self advocate but is still needing support. 

I need you to listen more to self advocates with Down syndrome. They should be centered, not me as a parent.

I need you to check your politics and how...

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Come See me at the VaHomeschooler's Conference

Greetings to my newbies and my returning families.  Can't wait to hear about 2020-2021! 

Registration is Live:

Excited to be presenting three sessions at the VaHomeschoolers Conference, "Restoration and Resiliency: Finding Balance in Homeschooling" (My kind of title!) April 15-April 18th, online.  Lots of great presenters offering a wide array of learning support and information. Can't wait to see you there! Registration is open here:

I'm presenting these three sessions:

  1. What We Don't Talk About in Home School Land (But Really Should)
  2. History to Corrupt the Youth (Wink Wink)- A Discussion of New History Works to Discuss & Share with Middle and High Schoolers (Mature Content Alert: Massacres and other things mentioned in passing)
  3. True Accessible Learning: Making it Actually MAKE SENSE for your Learner(s)
I'd love any ideas and input for these sessions (custom questions/concerns/insights: all...
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"Happiness is a warm blanket" and February things

news podcasts Feb 19, 2021


How are you dear human?  Sending a hug across the internet right now and a way to go- it's February 2021 and we made it this far!

I'm excited to share a few calendar events, some podcasts I did with friends, and my friend Nancy Torres' new book info below.  Some happy things to hopefully perk up your February.

Mark your calendars:

February 25, 7pm I'll be chatting live on Instagram with VaHomeschoolers about Homeschooling and Special Needs. Happy to answer any questions and say hello!

Friday, March 5, 5:30-6pm, I'll be hosting Author Nancy Torres on my Instagram Live and she'll tell us about her new book, her favorite parent tips, and more. I love her new upcoming book, sharing loving affirmations and I'm happy to share it with you.

Need something to listen to? Check out two podcasts I had fun doing with friends:)

Coffee with Caregivers Podcast (Jess Ronne's book Sunlight Burning at Midnight is a deep journey read) was a fun chat with caregiver Jess.

and my friend...

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Gentle Yoga Tools

I've been sharing private yoga sessions thru ZOOM (which makes me miss human in person yoga time but something is better than nothing so I'll take it).  I thought I'd share some of my favorite yoga things, especially for restorative yoga.

Now, it shouldn't ever be about spending money on something that can be done anywhere, freely, with whatever one has. So, these are some fun tools and things that bring me joy and some are super affordable, some are things I budgeted and saved for over time, to invest for long-term use.  (I receive no kickbacks for sharing them, these are just me sharing some cool things).



I love several mats, these are a few of my favorites:


Jade Elite S Mat

Jade Harmony (tried and true made of natural rubber)

Jade Voyager (makes a great travel one)


If you need a non-rubber mat, I also love my Manduka Pro-Yoga Mat

 You can get lovely bolsters from so many places. Hugger Mugger makes some lovely ones and mine have held...

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Evaluations are booking!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

Hi {{ first_name }},

Greetings to my newbies and my returning evaluation families.  For many, happy to catch up from last year.  For some, it'll be a whooping 2 years to catch up-wow! Can't wait to hear about 2020-2021 School Year.  It's universally understood that 2019-2020 was just a different journey that we don't have to get lost in (but feel free to share any relevant notes if that will serve).

I have a booking system set up, with auto forms, and if you need any assistance, let me know.
Click here, pull down to your choice, and hopefully it will be an easy booking this year:)
1. You will choose your option
2. Pay (Square or PayPal options and Sliding Scale Available just send me a note)
3. Then a confirmation email with info and instructions on how to fill out the pre-form before the visit
4. And email me proof of progress samples (share live works but sending ahead of the appointment...
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Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021

Hi beautiful folks! I’m grateful to be here.

For my newbies, I’m Sarah, homeschool mom of 3, one of who has Down syndrome and autism, I’m an integrative learning coach and yoga therapist student. I like writing, helping folks face learning and teaching obstacles, and doing related workshops and teaching. I’m here clear obstacles that pop up.  I'm not perfect. My homeschool and kids aren't perfect.  We're folks journeying along, each day, seeking joy and purpose.

I’m wishing us all the best.

I’m a history geek, love Sashiko embroidery, and I hide in the library/coffee shop when it’s not a pandemic.  I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia USA but work remotely now so time and space aren't big boundaries (time zones are LOL:).


Sarah Blunkosky

Picture:  My family together in the woods about 4 months pre-pandemic.  These days, the picture would reflect a little more messy and comfy pants for sure!

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Join The Learning Collective Online

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

I'm excited to invite you to The Learning Collective - a free, online community for educators and caregivers.

Connect with 100+ members and get:

  • Advice from other educators
  • Help & guidance from the Set Learning Free team
  • Access to live trainings & course upgrades

I'm working on some new writing projects and courses I'm super excited about (can't wait to start building Josie's future with the proceeds in the long-term) and wanted a new platform to start it all out on. Come along, take your time, and I'll be happy to have you there. Your nice and supportive friends and family are welcome :)

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