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Evaluations start soon (stay tuned for contracts, and more info on how to schedule, it's coming soon).
I was telling a friend today as I resigned some Facebook volunteer work in my awesome co-op that my body was literally saying: something has to change.
In the past sixteen years, I have:
birthed a child with Down syndrome and autism
finished a difficult Master's thesis in Town Slavery (some traumatic record research and reading for sure)
birthed a second child
helped run a non-profit branch of an international support group that included fundraising and conference planning
birthed a third child
kept homeschooling
2015 opened my own business
did over 1000 hours of yoga-yoga therapy school, culminating in final yoga therapy practicums where I graduated with an equivalent of a Master's degree
did several awesome coaching programs
applied and won a patented trademark for  set learning free-trademarked
helped Josie, with complex medical needs survive four life-threatening hospitalizations
and by the grace of god/merciful universe, got us all thru Covid
Like the woman I read about who after years of nights with only 3-5 hours of sleep, literally went to bed for over a year with such chronic fatigue (I wish I recall the awesome author but I can't at the moment); my body is saying something has to give.
So I am pivoting.
I am releasing my volunteer work for a pause.
I am releasing a lot of outgoing-ness and go-getting
and I'm making room for:
homeschooling with ease and more restful practices (less busy-ness)
time with true and loving friends and family
and time for meaningful work with beloved clients
I love meaningful work and sharing healing tools with clients, who are my beloveds.  So I will have time for you, though it will be meaningful, connected, and valuable.
Less clutter and distraction, more space for deep meaningful work-
the absolute good stuff.
Much love, hugs, and hopes that you find some good stuff too.  Tell me all about it! I'd love to hear from you.
sarah @ setlearningfree.com



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