Are you ready to stop burn out and feel confident as an educator?

This course will empower you and align your path as a homeschool educator.

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You are worthy.
You deserve it.
You are awesome.

This course is intended to be enjoyed as a retreat, not work. Nothing to be tested on. Take your time, make a cup of tea, grab your journal, and join me in the journey from burned out to empowered.

Genuine Insights

A Creative Journey and Retreat

to breathe, move, and enjoy your empowered path as a home educator.

Authentic & Helpful

Reshape. Rethink. Reorganize.

and truly ease into your home educator life with this collection of life-shifting lessons.

Calm the Negative

Shut Down the Naysayers

and be the truly awesome and unique home educator that you are (even if you don't feel it yet).


The Empowered Educator Course

From Burned out to Empowered Home Educator Online Course

Welcome to the Empowered Educator Course - that will take your from being burned out to an empowered home educator.

I'm Sarah Blunkosky and I'm so glad you're here. This is the course that I needed to find when I first started out as a homeschool mom (and didn't).

However, in over eleven years of home educating my three children, there are some really profound lessons I learned. I wanted to save you the trouble (and time) by passing along all these great things that I have found helpful for myself, my homeschool clients, and my closest homeschool friends.

I'm very excited to share some wonderful modules that I put together as a loving offering, a cup of tea, and a hug from me over the virtual space.

Some support from me to you.

Each module is independent, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to do or follow them in the progression I ordered them in.

These lessons are filled with wonderful helping tools such as journal prompts and mantras to help you deeply connect to your inner authentic home educator.  Each module has it's own mini-workbook chock-full of purposeful activities to help you shift out of burnout and move into empowerment.

What's Inside the Course?

Buy it. Try it. Love it.

You're backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee

within 14 days of purchase

Your time, money, and energy is precious.

That's why I'm giving you 14 days to go through the course, watch the videos, and feel empowered.

If it wasn't the journey and deep dive you sought, then seek a refund, and go in peace dear you.

Imagine how different your teaching experience would be if...

  • You felt assured in your path.
  • You felt authentic self-confidence in home educating.
  • You felt worthy.
  • You felt safe being (weird, unique, quirky, geeky, wacky).
  • You felt whole in your ability to be resourceful and figure out the challenges ahead.
  • You felt that it's not about finding the perfect _____, but being supported in what is SO TRUE to the wonderful YOU that you are as a home educator.  No filter or edits needed.

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